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Jeremiah Camp

Future Center Navigator


I am so excited to be working as the Future Center Director here at George Wythe! I
graduated with an A.S. in Business Administration from John Tyler Community College
then went on to get a B.S. in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University. From
there, I became a Testing Center Specialist then eventually, a Financial Aid Counselor
at JTCC. During my time as a counselor and sponsor to the JTCC School Organization,
The Black Student Alliance, I found a passion in assisting students to reach their goals,
whether it be higher education or career planning.
The goal of the Future Center is to ensure that all students graduate with a plan after
high school. That plan can be attending a 4-year college or university, a 2-year junior or
community college, a technical or trade school, enlisting in the military, or entering the
workforce.  I also work with students in the following areas:
·         College Applications
·         Finding and applying for scholarships
·         Financial Aid
·         FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
·         Registering for the SAT and ACT
·         SAT & ACT fee waivers
·         Employment during high school or over the summer
·         Employment after high school
·         Summer enrichment opportunities
·         Essay writing workshops
·         Choosing a career pathway
·         Anything that has to do with the “next steps” after high school!
Let me know if you (student/parent/guardian) have any questions or concerns. I am
here to help! I am at George Wythe every day and after school on some days. Students
are welcome any time with a pass! If you are a parent/guardian who would like to set up
a meeting, please let me know!