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Welcome to George Wythe High School. Thank you for visiting our website where you can learn more about our school community.  Our mascot, the bulldog, is venerated as a breed for their ability to stay the course despite adversity. Hence the phrase “tenacity of a bulldog”. Here we embody this tenacity through our willingness to stay on the path to success. This resilience is fortified through collaboration. Parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and community members work in concert to support students as we clear a pathway to their productive post-secondary endeavors. As we return to in person instruction it is imperative that we embrace each other in route to securing the school wide vision. 

As your principal, I am committed to “leading Wythe love”.  This philosophy is informed by three aims,  1) to provide for the needs of the whole student, 2) to ensure rigorous instruction is delivered in every classroom every day, and 3) to ensure equity.  

We envision a school that provides each student with challenging opportunities in a culture where creativity, respect, and authentic enthusiasm for learning exist. One where all strive to be responsible, motivated citizens of strong character, one that embraces a strong partnership with our diverse communities, and one that promotes a passionate commitment to BULLDOG PRIDE.

Our skilled and devoted staff are committed to making a difference. They want to have a positive impact on your child and above all, they want to provide them with an engaging and joyful learning experience that supports them in becoming independent learners.  Our teachers are always working to get better at what they do through personal self-development and participation in a wide variety of professional development activities. They model life-long learning for our students and never settle for anything less than their best! Thank you to our incredible staff for their amazing professionalism and incredible energy and their commitment to our students.

Great schools always come back to the relationship between the child and the teacher. Be sure and find ways to engage yourself in school life – your child will notice and respond. There are numerous opportunities for parental involvement. Together, we can make a positive difference. A strong partnership between home and school fosters greater success for our children. Families, teachers, support staff, community members, and administration all play a part in helping our students develop academically, socially, and emotionally. May we all be present for the joy of learning, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the comfort that comes from belonging to a community.

To my students, staff, families, and community; I am so honored to be your servant leader. Thank you for the opportunity to work with such an amazing school community. I encourage you to stop in or call me to share ideas, concerns, or questions. I wish your family, and especially your student(s), great success this school year.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi, please feel free to contact me via email at  or by phone  804-780-5037.