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About George Wythe High School for the Arts

  • George Wythe High School Staff

    Our job at George Wythe High School is to provide a learning community that ensures student learning as well as create a system to help those students who may be experiencing difficulties in the classroom.  Our students’ are expected to dress appropriately and behave respectfully at all times.  One of the major goals is to eliminate distractions to our students’ daily educational lessons. We demand that all students attend classes every day and to take advantage of the educational interventions provided throughout the year.

    We support and protect the diversity that exist in our local community and have high educational and behavioral expectations for all learners. Together, in a partnership of learning, we will help all students meet the high expectations we have for them and fulfill the dreams they have for themselves. It is our moral obligation as educators to prepare students with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet these challenges head on. We will accomplish this goal through the design of rigorous and relevant curriculum, intended to engage students in active critical thinking and constructive learning.

    We will continue to provide effective instructional strategies and create meaningful assessments for measuring student’s progress.  We  encourage students to enroll in stimulating courses, participate in after-school activities, and make positive contributions towards their future roles as leaders in our community. Please continue to visit our website as we update weekly about the great staff and students of George Wythe High School!

    We are George Wythe: Putting Children First, By Any Means Necessary!


    The mission of George Wythe High School, the cultivator of unlimited possibilities, is to empower ALL students to acquire academic and social skills and to promote mutual respect and value through personal growth in preparation for real-life, global opportunities, by fostering relationships with families and community leaders, led by passionate, highly qualified educators.


    We envision a school that provides each student with challenging opportunities in a culture where creativity, respect, and authentic enthusiasm for learning exist. One where all strive to be responsible, motivated citizens of strong character, one that embraces a strong partnership with our diverse communities, and one that promotes a passionate commitment to BULLDOG PRIDE.